Turkey Flat

Turkey Flat winery is located in the Barossa Valley region of South Australia. Founded in 1847 by Johann Friedrich August Fiedler, some of the original vines planted are still in use for commercial wine production today and are the world's oldest authenticated wines in the world.

Turkey Flat are considered to be one of the "cult wines" of Australia and are recognised as being a major player in the revival of rose wines in recent years. The Turkey Flat vineyards survive almost solely on natural rainfall, supplemented only ever to maintain the health of the vines and never to increase production. Keeping production methods simple allows Turkey Flat wines to be a true expression of the vineyards.

Turkey Flat Butchers Block Red 2015 75cl

75cl | ABV 14.5% | In Stock
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Deep ruby red in colour. The nose is spicy and...more

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Turkey Flat Grenache 2014 75cl

75cl | ABV 15% | In Stock
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Deep plum to black cherry red in colour. The wine...more

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Turkey Flat Pedro Ximenez 37.5cl

37.5cl | ABV 17% | In Stock

Bright orange/amber in colour. Intense aromas of...more

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Turkey Flat Rose 2017 75cl

75cl | ABV 13.5% | In Stock
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The colour is rose petal pink with a panoply of red...more

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Turkey Flat Sparkling Shiraz NV 75cl

75cl | ABV 12.5% | In Stock
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Very dark ruby red, subtle and complex aromas of...more

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