The London No.1

The London No. 1 Gin is one of only a few gins to actually be distilled in London, where once upon a time it played home to thousands of gin shops at the height of the Gin Craze. In spite of this, it is produced by the well-known Spanish sherry bodega Gonzalez Byass and initially sold only in Spain before beginning to be distributed internationally.

The London No.1 Gin is unique in having a striking blue colour derived in part from the addition of gardenia flowers and bergamot oil to the twelve botanicals used in the creation of this distinctive gin.

The London No.1 Original Blue Gin 70cl

70cl | ABV 47% | In Stock

London No.1 Gin has been created to echo the...more

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The London No.1 Original Blue Gin Rehoboam / 4.5 litre

4.5 litre | ABV 47% | In Stock

Rehoboam size, 4.5 litre bottle. The London No.1 Gin has...more

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