Nobilo wines began in 1943, with Nikola Nobilo and his family arriving in New Zealand after leaving Croatia fearing the signs of what would become World War II. The Nobilo family, having been involved in the wine making industry for 300 years previously, turned their expertise to planting their own vineyard and establishing a winery.

The Nobilos brought an innovative attitude to the New Zealind wine industry, championing varietals and leading the industry away from hybrid grapes to produce higher quality wines. Today, the Nobilo family are as dedicated as ever to their craft, striving to improve every year.

Nobilo Icon Pinot Noir (Malborough) 2014 75cl

75cl | ABV 13.5% | In Stock
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A rich, elegant wine, with a firm tannin structure,...more

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Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc (Regional Collection) 2016 75cl

75cl | ABV 12.5% | In Stock
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New Zealand at its best showing tropical fruit,...more

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