Mount Gay

Mount Gay rum is the oldest existing brand of rum in the world, with one surviving deed dating the company from 1703. The rum is named after Sir John Gay Alleyne, who managed the Barbados plantation and distilleries from 1747 when his friend purchased the company. So effective was he at leading the business that the company was renamed in his honour.

Over 300 years of experience and refinement have gone into mastering the craft of Mount Gay Rum. The natural flavours of Barbados have been carefully crafted with the input of many generations of master blenders and distillers to create this rum which has truly withstood the test of time.

Mount Gay 1703 Rum 70cl

70cl | ABV 43% | In Stock
(ISC 2012 - Gold, Best in Class Winner)

Exceptionally luminescent, it presents a deep, rich...more

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Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum 70cl

70cl | ABV 43% | In Stock

Released in celebration of the brand's 311-year history, Mount...more

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Mount Gay Eclipse Rum 70cl

70cl | ABV 40% | In Stock

Mount Gay Eclipse illustrates the art of Barbadian...more

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