Mamont vodka is the creation of explorer Frederick Paulson, inspired by the adventures of his life. In 2001, he found himself stranded with a group near the South Pole. The group warmed themselves up with vodka and planned their next expedition: to discover the Great Mammoth in Siberia. Just a year later, the tusk of a mammoth was found poking out of the ice of the tundra: the well preserved Yukagir Mammoth.

In honour of these adventures and the great scientific discovery, Paulson created Mamont Vodka, an elegant Siberian vodka in a bottle inspired by the Mammoth tusk. Mamont Vodka is distilled at the Itkul Distillery, Siberia's oldest distillery and the only one in Russia to distil from pure malt. Mamont is a vodka to celebrate the epic moments in life.

Mamont Siberian Vodka 70cl in Branded Box

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