Makers Mark

The Samuels family, who create Maker's Mark bourbon whisky have been distillers for generations. It is this heritage that allowed Bill Samuels to create Maker's Mark in 1954. When the first whisky was bottled in 1958, it was dipped in red wax to seal it. This distinctive mark is still used to seal its bottles today, a process done by hand, making every bottle unique.

The SIV symbol is the Maker's Mark the name alludes to, and represents the family's initial along with IV to represent that Bill Samuels was a fourth generation distiller. Maker's mark is a small batch bourbon produced in batches of less than 20 barrels and aged for six years using an innovative barrel rotation system in their warehouses to even out temperature differences and ensure all barrels are of the same high quality.

Maker's Mark 46 Bourbon Whisky 70cl

70cl | ABV 47% | In Stock

Maker's Mark 46 was created by the popular demand...more

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Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky 70cl

70cl | ABV 45% | In Stock

Maker's Mark is believed to be the only bourbon...more

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