Cobra Beer is the creation of Karan Bilimoria, realising there was a need for a smoother, less gassy lager to appeal to both lager and ale drinkers. He found British lagers fizzy, harsh and bloating, limiting it's appeal with a meal, whereas ales were often too heavy and bitter with food, thus Cobra was created in 1989 to combine the refreshment of a lager with the smoothness of an ale.

Cobra's beers have won a collective 88 gold medals at the Monde Selection awards, making them one of the most awarded beers in the world.

Cobra Premium Lager Beer 12pk (660ml NRB)

12 x 660ml NRB | ABV 4.8% | 3 Working Days

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(£29.99 ex VAT)

Cobra Premium Lager Beer 24pk (330ml NRB)

24 x 330ml NRB | ABV 5% | 3 Working Days
(equivalent to £1.54 per bottle)

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(£30.79 ex VAT)

King Cobra Lager Beer 6pk (750ml NRB)

6 x 750ml NRB | ABV 7.5% | 3 Working Days
(equivalent to £6.99 per bottle)

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(£34.95 ex VAT)