Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

The annual release of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection is a highlight of the year for many bourbon enthusiasts. The Buffalo Trace distillery has meticulously crafted a series of highly limited-release whiskeys.

The whiskeys, are without exception, always highly acclaimed and much sought-after; only a fortunate few will have the opportunity to taste these exceptional spirits.

George T. Stagg Bourbon Whiskey (2017 Release) 75cl

75cl | ABV 64.6% | In Stock

George T. Stagg is a part of the Buffalo Trace Antique...more

(£482.50 ex VAT)

William Larue Weller Bourbon Whiskey (2018 Release) 75cl

75cl | ABV 62.85% | In Stock

This is the 2018 release of William Larue Weller bottled...more

(£495.83 ex VAT)