AquaRiva Tequila is the creation of UK-based comedy actress, producer and presenter Cleo Rocos, co-star of BBC TV Kenny Everett Show and President of The Tequila Society. Unable to find a premium, smooth 100% agave tequila at an affordable price, she decided to create AquaRiva Tequila. Cleo's 100% Agave AquaRiva Tequila range is made from hand-selected eight-year-old Blue Weber agave plants and volcanic spring water from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico and has been awarded the Masters Medal and 3 Gold Medals among other accolades.

Cleo spent over 11 months working with a master blender in Mexico to create the different profiles of AquaRiva Premium Tequila. She wanted to minimise the burn often found in tequila and leave the warmth and agave flavours at the same time reducing the methanol to a very low level.

The label is an image of a couple dancing on the wing of an airplane commissioned from a 17-year-old art student Cleo met on the subway.

Aqua Riva Blanco Tequila 70cl

70cl | ABV 38% | In Stock

AquaRiva Blanco Tequila has a sudden surge of sweet...more

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Aqua Riva Reposado Tequila 70cl

70cl | ABV 38% | In Stock

An ultra smooth and flavoured tequila, with hints of ...more

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