Angostura Bitters were invented in 1824 by Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert, a German doctor acting as Surgeon-General in Simon Bolivar's army in Venezuela. It was created in a quest to find a medicine to improve the appetite and digestive well-being of soldiers. In 1830 the House of Angostura was founded and began exporting the bitters to England and Trinidad. By 1875, the business moved to Trinidad under the management of Dr. Siegert's sons carlos, Alfredo and Luis to meet international demand.

Rum blending within the company began as far back as the 1900s, but became a larger part of the operations in 1949 with the addition of a multi-column distillery, utilising the skills of a number of prominent chemists to drive the company to become a leader of rum manufacture.

Today Angostura Bitters are still the world's best-selling brand of bitters and Angostura Rum is the winner of many international rum awards.

Angostura 1824 12 Year Old Rum 70cl

70cl | ABV 40% | In Stock
(San Francisco SC 2017 - Silver Medal Winner)

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Angostura 1919 Premium Rum 70cl

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A rich, golden amber hue. Angostura 1919 has a complex...more

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Angostura 5 Year Old Gold Rum 70cl

70cl | ABV 40% | In Stock
(San Francisco SC 2017 - Silver Medal Winner)

This 5 year old has an attractive pale gold hue. On...more

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Angostura 7 Year Old Dark Rum 70cl

70cl | ABV 40% | In Stock
(San Francisco SC 2017 - Silver Medal Winner)

This 7 year old has a pleasing dark amber hue. It is...more

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Angostura Aromatic Bitters 20cl

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Angostura Orange Bitters 10cl

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Angostura Reserva White Rum 70cl

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